Living our Purpose

My mind is strongly focused these days on how to lead Capital Christian Fellowship toward LIVING out it's God-ordained purpose! Having a purpose is a great first step. It is awfully difficult to move toward a destination that you never determined. If you don't set a target, you can be sure you will never hit it.

We know that our purpose is to be...

Loving God, Loving People, and Living as Disciples!

So, now, how do we live that out? And how do we see it manifested? How do we measure it's results? These are the right questions to be asking these days. I know this much...In order to be successful in living toward our purpose, it will require sacrifice and commitment...from all of us! So here are a few core convictions that I am thinking through these days:

  • If it's too easy, it won't be too meaningful!
  • If we don't expect much, we won't get much!
  • If it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing right!
  • I am beginning to think that church doesn't matter much, because church doesn't matter much!

Chew on these statements. Test them Biblically. And get ready for great days ahead where we as a community get serious about our purpose and God gets serious about showing up among us!!!