Living Room Staff Meeting

Had an off-site living room staff meeting today at our home. These are always beneficial times together as a team. It allows us the freedom "keep on talking" about whatever it is we are talking about. It allows us to exhaust topics instead of just scratching the surface. I thank the Lord for the great team that he has assembled in our staff.

What did we talk about today? Well, I can't share it all, but let me share some. As a team, we are exploring how we LIVE OUT OUR PURPOSE? How and when do we get people involved in ministry at CCF to be committed and sold out to our purpose? If indeed our purpose of loving God, loving people and living as disciples AND we believe that it is lived out through large groups, small groups and partnership...

How do we lead people into faithful commitment to large group weekend services?

How do we lead people into faithful commitment to a small group?

How do we lead people into a strong partnership with CCF (3 M's: membership, ministry and money)?

When should it become an expectation that all people in ministry at CCF support our purpose and are committed to it by attending a small group?

Your comments are welcomed!