Making Connections

With a lot more detail to is the gist of what our Fall Small Group Curriculum and Message Series will be about:

Title: Making Connections
Connecting with Jesus, Connecting with God's Family and Growing to be Like Jesus!

Making Connections will take you on a discovery journey through this fall. On this journey, you will discover your very nature as a person, God’s feelings towards you and how to respond to God’s love and purpose for your life in Jesus Christ. You will spend time with the Lord and with others being formed and transformed into His image in order to live and fulfill the purpose He designed you for. You will learn about Jesus’ own purposeful living while here on earth with his disciples while remaining connected with his heavenly Father. This study will seek to follow Jesus's footsteps and to challenge you to model your life after His life. Finally, the journey this Fall will help you discover certain tools to enable you to respond to God’s love which was lavished upon us in Jesus Christ and continues in the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Every Sunday message and Small Group meeting throughout the Fall semester at CCF will be intentionally focussed on the HOW TO's of Loving God, Loving People and Living as Disciples!