Making Impact, Thanking God!

My heart is totally full of joy tonight. Why? Because lives are being impacted for Jesus through the ministry of CCF! Left and right! These last few weeks, I have heard many stories of ways that the people are connecting to God in new and renewed ways.

2 that Stand out to me this week:

  1. Incredibly thankful for a young lady that was radically saved on Sunday Morning. Totally broken before the Lord and committed herself to Jesus for the very first time ever! We are excited to get her plugged into a Small Group and beginning her discipleship journey!
  2. Got an email tonight from another person who was incredibly impacted by the last 2 Sundays at CCF....after having been out of any church for 12 years! God called this person back to themselves over the last 2 weeks (and used a couple ladies in our church to do it). That is what I am talking about, baby!!! Praise the Lord!

I love this stuff! I just had to share. There is more beyond this , too! I just LOVE seeing lives impacted for Jesus! Nothing better!

Not to us, oh Lord, but to your name be the glory because of your love and faithfulness!