Mind Follows Mouth & Pen

Recently, I was listening to a friend of mine named Ken Primrose teach on intimacy with Jesus.  He was talking about the importance of fascination with Jesus and spending time with him alone. He then spoke a bit about how we can get easily distracted in our personal times with the Lord. He then made this statement:

Our mind follows our mouth. If you find yourself getting distracted or your mind wandering off during prayer or Bible reading, begin to pray of read out loud and your mind will follow your mouth.

So, I tried it. It worked!! I literally could not think of anything else other than what I was praying or reading aloud.

Then I told another friend about this discovery and he made this statement:

Your mind also follows your pen. If you find yourself distracted, you can also try writing your thoughts and prayers and you will stay focussed.

I tried it. It worked too!!

So, in my own times with Jesus for the last few weeks I have been going after the Lord with my mouth and my pen every day....and my mind is following!  And it feels like a major victory, because oftentimes in the past, my mind has messed a lot of Jesus times up!

Perhaps this can help you too?