Monday Thoughts

Here are some of the random thoughts on my mind today.
  • I am more and more convinced that the stories of life change that happens in healthy churches are the most underrated and ignored scorecard in ministry. They can often never be put into words, graphed or counted. So, they often fell by the way side. Honestly, they are why I keep doing what I am doing. I'm not in this for numbers, I'm in this for people. Just yesterday, more stories rose to the surface. GOD IS AT WORK!!!!!!!
  • There is so much that I do NOT KNOW about the future. I am learning right now to focus on what I DO KNOW and seek and wait on the Lord. It is his future anyway.
  • I cannot believe that Christmas is in 11 days. OMW!
  • I would be lost and afraid if it were not for Jesus having found me and loved me.
  • I feel my need for a savior more now than I did a week ago!
Love you,