Most Fridays...Making Memories

Some Fridays I am "off work", but most Fridays I am with Davis while Mommy is at work. I have been spending the day with Davis today. He is really becoming loads of fun! The kid is out-of-control-cute. We sat in Starbucks each in our own comfy chair this morning while we shared breakfast together. He has learned the word "Hi" in the last week or so. Hence, everyone that walked in the front door received a loud "Hi" from young Davis. After that, we went and got his blood taken. That was a blast too! He pulled through like an ox, though. Now he is napping and Daddy is wrapping up his message for Sunday and blogging!

So, there's a little update for today.

FYI-- I write these types of posts mainly to capture memories with my son! One day I will be able to share this with him. That'll be cool. Every couple months I print my blog and throw it in our fireproof safe...that way if the internet ever vanishes, I've got these memories captured. If I was not blogging, I would only ever remember a fraction of these experiences with him.