Mourning into Joy...Thoughts from Raleigh Airport

OK, how about an update. Why not? We have nothing else to do since our flight home is 3 HOURS DELAYED!!! We asked God to let us get here in time to catch our flight. He did what we asked him to. He just did too good! We made it here to Raleigh at 5pm for our 5:40 flight only to find it very delayed. So, I will give you an update from the airport.

Miraculous day. Isaiah 61:3 was lived out in a real way today with Jake and Michelle. It says this...unto them that mourn in Zion, He will give beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness...that he might be glorified. The memorial service was like nothing I have ever seen (I made it through without crying...wept up until I spoke and right after). Definitely broke the mold. Real, honest, worshipful, celebratory, equal parts tears of joy and tears of pain. At the end of the service we opened up the room for a time of response to God. People lit candles, nailed their feelings and prayers to the cross at the front of the room, took communion, worshiped, and made new and renewed commitments to God. Check this out. Jake's older sister has been running from God for many, many years. She came back to Christ today with her whole family standing around her. Unbelievable moment! They left the funeral full of the Joy of the Lord. Is that not a miracle?!?! Here's what I told the congregation as I invited them to respond....GOD WILL BE GLORIFIED THROUGH THIS! The number one form that he wants this glory to be taking on is for his kids to turn to him. Why not let the glory begin today! And it did!

We serve a wonderful God! I wanted to leave you with this testimony before I jet. Jake has already called me on my cell this evening. They are sitting around laughing and enjoying being with family. I know there are tough days ahead, but God is already turning their mourning into joy!!

Get ready Davis, it is going to be a late night...because WE WILL BE HANGING OUT WHEN WE GET HOME!! I don't care what time it is! I don't care if we pull an all-nighter! We will all recover. We miss this kid like a lost leg.