Moved out of our house in 8 days!!

I said that we would take some time to share some of the powerful ways that God has been at work in our family over the last few months. I love to be open in my communication. I'm not a very private person. As you can imagine, this last few months has been challenging--to hold all this stuff in until the appropriate time to share it.

Well, check this out:
Tricia and I knew that the Lord was calling us on in mid-February. We quickly realized that we needed to move out of our house as soon as possible. Here's why:
  1. Save money for where God is taking us.
  2. Practice quick and courageous obedience. It kinda felt like a symbol of commitment to the Lord-- saying "YES, we will go!"
  3. We thought maybe it was best not to go from 2,700 square feet to who-knows-what in South Africa. Trying to avoid (at least some) culture shock.
  4. We did not need all the space in our house. God has been doing a work on us in this way.
  5. We are blessed with many local family and friends that would let us stay on their front porch. ;-0
  6. Finally, we figured moving out of our house 8 months before actually leaving for the mission field would make the leaving easier. We will have already grieved some of our loss.
So, we put our house up for rent, got some outstanding tenants, and moved out of our house in 8 days!! We did not intend to do it that fast, but the tenants we got were being relocated by the government and needed occupancy April 1. So, yes...we have been out of our house since March 30th. We sold over half of our earthly possessions and stored the rest. We are living in a bedroom at my sister's home and we are as happy as we could be! Davis even has a cool under-the-stairs play area (like a fort)! God has really blessed every step of this process with favor and peace.
There are several more AMAZING components to this story that I will blog later...