Movement in Kenya

These real words are from an email I just received from a powerful African leader in an exploding simple church movement in a rural region of Kenya:

"New believers are everywhere! We are seeing God move in lives greatly and God is working through them mightily. They passionately share Gods love and gospel boldly and am so happy encouraged. They are great tool for change. I am now serving alongside new converts. Recently, they were sinners but now they are servants of God. They just read the Bible and learn for themselves and Holy Spirit guides them into His truth. I am so happy God raised me co-workers like this. Pray well that they will grow in grace and faith. Movements are coming up with people who are selfless and who now don't need any title who just worship God anywhere we meet."

COME ON, LORD! Please don't miss what the Lord is doing on the earth. He is moving in the most precious ways across people groups. But, the truth is that there are still people who have never heard the name of Jesus. Are you part of seeing them meet the King?