My Friend, Keith Battle


This morning, I had the honor of spending time with my friend, Keith Battle. 

It was about 22 years ago when I was in high school and had the most awesome Bible Teacher at my Christian School. Keith Battle. He was fun, personable and passionate about Jesus. I can remember as a young man thinking: "this guy is going places and I'd like to go with him!" Well, in some ways, that's exactly what has happened.  

Today, Keith Battle leads one of the most innovative and effective churches in the state of Maryland (and beyond, IMHO). You can check them out online at

Recently, Keith released a new book called "A Second Chance". Buy it here

I just finished reading it and LOVED it. The book is loaded with real stories from a leader who is secure enough to be honest and vulnerable....despite the size of his church and breadth of his influence. That's a rare find today. I love how the book focuses so intensely on the heart and character of a leader. It will help you prevent failure and pick up the peices when things fall apart. I highly recommend you read it. 

Finally, Tricia and I want to express our deep personal gratitude to Keith and the Zion family for their incredible support of our family since we left for the mission field five years ago. After our home church, they are the most substantial financial supporter of our ministry. We are humbled and thankful.