My Health

Going to share very personally here. If you do not care about my health or are grossed out by medical stuff, come back tomorrow.
Every time I see any doctor or am checked out, I hear the same thing. Everything looks great, Mr. Kaye. Great vitals, BP, etc. You are just fat. Loose weight! (Well, they do not call me fat....they call me obese....which, by the way sounds worse if you ask me). I feel like I have been hearing that since I was in the womb. Been heavy my whole life.

Well, over the last few months I have been having blood appear in my stool semi-regularly. As a result, the Doc is having me get a colonoscopy tomorrow. Needless to say, I am not too happy about it. Clear liquids only today. Nothing at all tomorrow. And the procedure is not until tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, I think that everything will be fine. I feel normal. Do I look it? ;-)

In addition, I have a bulging disc and a herniated disc in my spine. Every so often my back really acts up on me. I live with some minor pain most days.

Why am I sharing this with you?

  • So you know this part of me.
  • So you can pray with and for me.
  • So you know why I am walking funny some days. ;-)
  • So you can encourage and push me to take care of myself. I am not afraid to be honest about my health and I am not defensive or hurt when people push me to be healthier. I know that it is because you love me.
  • To model transparency. We all have issues physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. We just share them so little that people think that they are alone.