My Role is Changing

Well, I think I am ready to go public and say that my role at the church has officially changed over the last year (for the real good). I am finally backing out of lots of the details and doing way less administrative stuff than I used to do. Honestly, I used to log over 25 hours a week of administrative work...much of which was system development and getting things operating with the building and structure and such. Now, much of that is done and on auto-pilot. In addition, the staff are finding their groove in new ways. They are really a big blessing to work with. Now, I probably log 5-10 hours a week of administrative stuff. Some of the biggest changes that I have noticed in my role have been:

  • I am almost never in my church office. I meet with people on their turf, I am all over the building connecting with people and such. (and I like people to much to be in my office for very long)
  • I spend a LOT MORE of my time leading leaders. My philosophy is that staff and key church leaders will disciple others to the level that I am discipling them. A day spent investing in staff and key leaders is a day well spent!
  • I pray, write, read and study more! I dedicate a minimum of 8 hours to every message I preach. I aim to one day be spending 2 days a week preparing to communicate with increased excellence. I see this as one of the most vital contributions that I make to the organization.
  • I delegate more. I am not where I want to be on this, but I am getting better. I still struggle with the pride of thinking that it is better and easier if i just do it! But, i am getting better, I promise! I see improvements often. I did today. I delegated a list of things to Tricia (who is home for the summer), a list of things to my Mom who is helping lots with the upcoming church retreat and of course numerous things to Jaye. Jaye told me again today that "this is how it is supposed to be and I need to just get used to it". I know that she is right, but I am not fully comfortable in it yet. Getting there.

I love what I do! I seriously have to pinch myself sometimes to think that I get to do what I was made to do full-time and get paid to do it! Thank you, Jesus!