Off to Catalyst

In about 2 hours, we are heading out to the Catalyst conference in Atlanta. We're caravaning down in 2 cars...Jaye's Sienna and my old faithful Avalon.

Joining us will be:
  1. Pastor Nelson
  2. Pastor TC
  3. Jaye Lindo
  4. Carrol Grizzle
  5. Carol Roberts
  6. Noah Kaye
  7. Tricia Kaye
Here is my vision for our week:
  • Increase unity among key leaders
  • Deepen relationships
  • Have fun
  • Further develop leadership hearts and abilities
  • Connect and network with many other leaders (hoping to see some friends there)!
  • Grow spiritually
  • Get inspired for 2011 (just in time for annual ministry and budget planning)
  • ZOOM OUT! As a church, we are in a time of transition and it is easy to become internally focused. I pray this week zooms our leaders out to a broader kingdom focus.

Tricia and I are very thankful for this "last hoorah" with some people we love very much.

Off we go...will tweet lots and blog some too if I can.