Okanya's Sabbatical

Pastor Nelson, Jessica, Barak and Izak will be heading into a sabbatical from July 1 through August 31. A sabbatical is a time of release from normal pastoral duties in order that a pastor and his family experience deep growth. The Okanya's sabbatical will include spiritual development, short-term mission service, vision development, as well as personal and family development. They will travel to Kenya and Tanzania doing short-term missions, conducting church leadership seminars and teaching at the Mennonite Theological College of Eastern Africa (where Nelson previously served as Academic Dean and Jessica served as Accountant).

I am personally excited about the timing of this trip for the Okanya's and for CCF. It is good for them to have this season of refreshing while we are still here-- so that they may return to CCF ready to lead with fresh energy during this time of transition as a church.

If you wish to donate to the Okanya's Missions expenses for this summer, you can CLICK HERE!

Let's be praying for them.