Our Last 10 weeks in America

Yes, you read that right. We have about 10 more weeks before we move to Cape Town, South Africa. It is hard to believe in this Internet age how many people are still totally unaware of this. Just got 2 emails and a call today from people who had no idea we were leaving. Anyway...

So many folks have asked us about our schedule and plans for the rest of our time in the states, that we wanted to just share it publicly. Here is our plan in three words: Family. Fundraising. Farewells. (Come on, I am a Pastor...I need 3 rhyming words.)
(Note: Our final Sunday at CCF was this past Sunday. My last day in the office is tomorrow.)
More detailed version looks like this:
  • Later this week we will be in several EMM meetings and will be attending the VFCC (our alma mater) Homecoming.
  • We will be attending a Marriage Encounter Event this weekend. Looking forward to a great time as a couple. Enough said. ;-o
  • We will have a Chevy's Fundraiser this Sunday at Chevy's in Greenbelt. (will blog about this later)
  • October 28 through November 19 we will be in Georgia, Mississippi, Florida and South Carolina visiting family, and working at fundraising through meetings, speaking engagements and other opportunities to share our vision. Pray for a few other speaking opportunities that we are about to finalize.
  • The remainder of November, all December and the start of January will primarily consist of Family (time with those we love), Fundraising (many speaking opportunities and fundraising meetings) and Farewells (being sure we are leaving well). This will include some time in MD and some other travel. We will be in MD 5 of our remaining 10 weeks we have in the US.
  • We will fly out between January 10-14. Davis starts schools on January 17th.
We welcome your prayers, your patience and your pledges as we focus on family, fundraising and farewells! We commit to you our continued love, leadership and lives (1 Thess. 2:8)!!