Our Security Team

We have full time "security guards" here at our home. It sounds kinda scary so folks often want to know why. In many parts of Africa, it's is expected (practically required) for a private home (most of which are on a compound of sorts) to have full time guards who protect the home and it's residents. After listening to people when we visited last year, we knew we really had no choice. So safety is the main reason they are here. In addition it helps with job creation. Beyond security, they care for the garden, burn the trash, open and close the gate for guests, wash the car, help unload the car, and many other things. For most foreigners, they are employees and servants. For us, they'll become friends and part of the family, not to mention additional Swahili teachers. Right now we have two Maasai guys as guards...hand picked by our new neighbors that we are relying on daily. It's WAY cheaper than the proper security companies. Yesterday the head guy (who speaks a little English) came and asked me for $25 so he could take a boda boda to town for a torch, a padlock, a bow and arrow and an outdoor broom. He brought me the receipt and the change. It amazed me. They are faithful and hard working. The other night they had spaghetti for the first time since that's what we cooked and we took some out to them. It certainly takes some adjustment to have someone circling your home all night and greeting you every time you come and go. But we will adjust and enjoy. They are such a massive help already.