Hold on....wait a second.....just a minute.....

....preached on patience this morning. Then, before we even got in the house, Davis tested my obedience to my own sermon by running away from me toward the street....I caught myself when I was about to jump on him. about practicing what you preach (and fast application)!!

A few nuggets from the message this morning for church skippers, missers and non-locals....

  • Here was my prayer for the church today....."that you will be strengthened with all his glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need." Colossians 1:11
  • Patience is: waiting until later for what you want now!
  • Patience is not: gained by the push of a button or with the wave of a wand, but it is developed in a disciple BY the Holy Spirit and over TIME.
  • In the fast track, fast food, high speed, digital camera, instant pudding, and hands free culture we live in.....we can begin to become programmed for FAST, when God sometime needs us to take it SLOW so that we get all that he intended us to get.

May great patience be yours this your home, on your job, in your relationships and in your faith journey. Remember, God has been patient with you....he has been waiting for you to respond to him since before the earth was formed (Jer. 1:5)!