Please Pray for Kenya!!

Pray for Kenya! We have received word that the situation in Kenya has become increasingly serious. We learned from EMM (Eastern Mennonite Missions) that Clair and Beth Good (Friends of Pastor Nelson and EMM leaders in Kenya…he spoke at CCF last year) are there, but earlier in the week were restricted to Nairobi. Sunday they were to fly to some of the church areas where the unrest was greatest. When they arrived they found 1,260 people in a camp; removed from their homes. Over 1/2 were children. The conditions described are very bad. EMM is trying to collect $100,000 to send. So, CCF will be participating not only through prayer, but we will be taking up a special second offering this Sunday for this purpose.

The good news is…Pastor Nelson just told me that political leaders have met today and they are negotiating for peace. That may be taking a turn for the better, but the humanitarian needs still exist. Be praying!

(There is info on EMM's website if you click here.)