There is a gal in our church who writes poems often...like several a week. She recently emailed me two of them. I thought they were great, so I wanted to share them. Thanks, Jessi! Here they are:

His servants sat down,

and He washed their feet.

Down on His knees,

He carefully cleaned.

He's the King of all Kings,

though He humbly walks.

To serve His dear kingdom,

He teaches and talks.

You think that your special,

You're no more then Him.

Let go of your pride,

or your future will dim.


To contemplate the end,

allows you to live.

To look upon sadness

makes it easy to give.

Going to parties is

an escape for awhile.

When it's all said and done,

it gets harder to smile.

You live more through death,

your heart becomes pure.

So live in the moment,

only now is for sure.

--Jessi Coffey