Powerful Words from a Snowy Sunday in January

On Sunday, January 31st, it snowed! We had a guest speaker scheduled at CCF. We still had church. Only 135 people attended. The speaker was Floyd McClung. The day will stand out in my mind FOREVER! It was one of the pivotal days in revealing our future calling as a family. The message that Floyd preached that Sunday captured much of my heart for church these days. This morning, in preparation for where I am headed with this Sunday's message, I listened to Floyd's January 31 message again. As I did, I jotted down things he said that really impacted me. You will hear them on Sunday too. Here they are:

  • Instead of us going to a man to get to God, God is going to send a man to get to us (Jesus).
  • Is church a place we go? Or is church a people who go?
  • If we will discover what church is and its purpose, our hearts will come alive because we are made by the living God for the purposes of God to be lived out through the people of God. And the closer we get to this, the more alive and full of God we become.
  • The more you keep, the more you lose. The more you give, the more you gain. The best way to grow church is to give away church. (Hence, Church-Planting.)
  • Sunday is not a place where church happens, it is the time to equip the church to make things happen.
  • The church is locker room and Sunday is halftime. The game is played on the field!!
  • You’ve asked me to come. I’ve asked you to go. I will come when you go. -Jesus
  • If you don’t have a real battle to fight in the world of darkness outside the church, you will fight silly battles within the church.
  • Stop waiting for people to become Christians to be discipled by the church, start discipling people now so that they will end up as Christians linking up with the church!
Deep stuff. More Sunday.