Pray With Your Eyes Open

Over the last year I have noticed that I pray with my eyes open more often. Honestly, I am not really sure where he whole "bow your head and close your eyes" thingy came from, but I am approaching things differently these days.

I know that closing our eyes can block out distraction and show reverence (somehow). I get that (I think).
In China and many other places around the world, one's safety can be in jeopardy if they are "caught" praying. So they naturally pray with their eyes open.
But, the Bible says "Watch and Pray..." (Matthew 26:41)
Last night at Small Group, we were reading this: "Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers..." (Eph. 6:18)
Here's my point: Lately, I have been appreciating praying observantly! I want to see what God is doing. I want to watch him move.
We don't shut our eyes when we talk to anyone else. Can you imagine if we did?!?! Why do we do it to God?? How rude. ;-)
PS- Isn't the praying baby cute?