Priceless Memories

I have a growing blogroll that I have grown to appreciate. By that I mean that there are more and more Pastor's blogs that I am reading on a regular basis. I may share some of them with you soon. It helps me get a window into what some of these other leaders and deep thinkers are up to and is especially insightful now that I am blogging. This afternoon, I read one of my favorite bloggers (Mark Batterson) and he said this:

"One reason I blog is because it helps me remember what I should not forget. So every year I go back and re-read my blog as a way of reflecting on the past year. It is amazing how many priceless memories would have been forgotten if I had not blogged them. Lots of memorable moments in 2007."

I totally agree with him and I may start a similar practice. I have only been blogging since September, so I don't have a full year, but here are a few special memories in just 4 months of blogging my memories!

  • Seeing TD Jakes Speak
  • Learning Golf
  • Learning work and home boundaries
  • Davis and his ambulance ride
  • Redskins Games, wins, & losses
  • Masters Work & VFCC
  • Talking about sex at Lanham Christian
  • Learning balance and boundaries...part 2 and 3 and .....
  • Remodeling our bathroom
  • Holiday memories...Thanksgiving in the mansion, Christmas with the fam and the church
  • Davis dancing, walking, and growing up
  • Vision Development for 2008
  • And More...

Just think, last year I would have had NO mechanism for remembering some of this. I am really enjoying capturing life more these days. It is causing me to savor it more. Good Stuff! I encourage you to find a way to slow down and savor 2008 a little more than you did 2007. Can you do it?