Pride or Insecurity?

For quite some time now, I have been testing this theory. Things are not always as they seem. What looks and sounds like one thing could be something very different than you think.

Here is an example:

What seems like pride is often insecurity. And what seems like insecurity of often pride.

Pride: I may ACT like I got it all together and know it all to cover up for the fact that I do not know JACK and am insecure about it. I may come across arrogant. I may look like I am as confident as a lion, but I may actually struggle tremendously with a low self-image and live my every day deeply concerned about what people think of me!

On the flip side...

Insecurity: I may ACT insecure and unsure of myself or draw attention to my "issues" all the time because I really think that it's all about me! That is pride! If I live my life primarily focused on what everyone thinks of ME because I want to look good to everyone, I am actually self-focused and prideful.

So, remember that things are not always as they seem. People are complex. Issues can run deep. And it is our role as believers to be intuitive and sensitive into the real heart of a person, not just what we see and hear on the outside.