Progressive Dinner

For the second year in a row my family did a Christmas progressive Dinner together. It was today! One thing about my family that is really cool and HIGHLY unusual...Mom & Dad had 5 kids. All 5 are married and all 5 live within 15 miles of Mom and Dad. That is the unusual part! I am thankful for my family. I am thankful that this evening, we all shared in a privilege many people never get in a lifetime...all kids together in one house...or in the case of our Progressive Dinner...all kids together in 5 different houses (in 1 night). Cool Stuff! Our family has issues just like any other family, but all in all, we are a dynamite family with lots to be thankful for. My prayer is that we will find ways to be an example and blessing to other families.

Warning: As number of babies increase, volume in the house increases as well.