Prophetic Word. Move Froward.

Note: For those of you that just glance at my blog, you may want to actually read this one!

At the end of the service this past Sunday, our Bishop Glenn approached Pastor Nelson and I and shared what he believed to be a prophetic word for us. It was powerful and I have been thinking and praying into it all week.

Here is the thumbnail sketch:

  • God is bringing an increased anointing onto us.
  • God is developing increased character in us.
  • The things that we see happening at CCF are merely a fractional sign of what is coming.
  • We need to actively rest in what God is about to do. (Not passively rest.)

Then, here is the part that has been shaping me most:

In this season of economic and societal "pulling back", there will be abundant fruitfulness for those who move forward into God's purposes! We should not faithlessly hoard and retreat, but rather faithfully move ahead into the future that God has for us. The economy of God is not the economy of the world! Move forward, don't pull back. But, move forward in a confident humility and a resting in the fact that God may want to be revealing himself most in a time where people can depend on stuff the least!

Did you know that the Australian seal has an Emu and a Kangaroo in it? Neither of these animals can move backwards. It speaks to their desire as a land to be always moving ahead. Interesting.

This word needs to be tested through scripture and the leading of the Spirit. It is certainly not a word to be reckless and lack wisdom and for what it's, I think that it has very little to do with spending money.

Is the Lord showing you anything through this word?