Purpose Statement Finalized!

This ought to make the Washington Post after all the time and work that we put into our discernment process. Smile. I am thrilled to unveil our CCF Purpose Statement. (Another blog reader privilege to get it here first!)

CCF Purpose Statement (Simple Edition):

Love God, Love People, Live as Disciples

CCF Purpose Statement (Expanded Edition):

Capital Christian Fellowship places its focus and resources on its purpose…to Love God, Love People, and Live as Disciples (Matthew 22:37-40 and Matthew 28:18-20). CCF is totally committed to developing disciples of Jesus Christ whose lives serve as a witness to all (John 13:34-35). CCF expresses incredible diversity, but is completely unified in its purpose of loving God and loving people as we know that it was Jesus’ main focus (Matthew 22:37-40). We embrace that community is central to how people were created. As a result, CCF structures its ministries around people gathering in large and small groups (Acts 2:42-47) for community and relationships which leads back to our purpose of Living as disciples! We know that we will accomplish our purpose by impacting one life at a time!


Get ready to see this appearing everywhere and stated repeatedly until it is memorized.

Stay tuned...we are going to be rolling out a church-wide memorization campaign. Every time you are caught reciting our purpose statement, you will get....we shall see!

Maybe $100.00 ;-)