Quit or Surrender?

During an inspiring time with our All Nations Family this morning, the Lord spoke deep into my heart through others. Here is some of what he said... There is a big difference between quitting and surrendering. Understanding the difference between the two can be the difference between life and death for the next season of your journey. Surrender is a beautiful exchange! Think about it. We give up our limited resources and faulted plans for the unlimited riches and beauty of life in Jesus.  Quitting can lead to sadness. Surrender leads to exuberance.

It says in John 12:24 that unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it remains only a seed, but if it dies it produces life and fruit! Let us have our seeds die in surrender, not in quitting.

The Lord would be honored if you would lay down your destiny, your opinions, your preferences, your ways, and pick up the plans of Jesus for your life.