On International Sunday, one of our 3 speakers was an attendee of CCF (for over a year) by the name of Rabindra Robinson. He was an Indian brother who sensed the Lord's call to return to his home region in India and enter full time ministry. He flew out the morning after International Sunday. Since his departure, he and I have been in correspondence quite often. I have developed a real burden and heart for this guy and the work that he is doing among the Hindu people in India. He considers CCF his home/sending church. The stories that he shares are often amazing. I want to share one with you. He just sent this to me a few days ago. He knows that I am sharing it with you.

Dear Pastor, we are doing the work of the Lord effectively among the Hindus and the church leaders. A couple of weeks ago we had a prayer meeting in one of our believers houses and a Hindu family accepted Jesus as their savior. To their amazement and wonder when they went home all the idols in their house had fallen on their face and they said that they know for sure that their living God is truly Jesus!! Praise the Lord! Lots of people are getting healed just by the laying on of hands. How wonderful our God is. Keep us in your prayers. Satan wants to prevent us from doing the lord's work and we are in constant spiritual warfare. Pray for us and hold us without ceasing in your prayers. We pray for you and the good work that the Lord has started in and through you in Greenbelt.

Pray with me for Rabindra and his wife and kids. I am sensing the Lord's leading to consider how else we can become involved with him and his ministry. He, like Anna Mae are in the field because of a call out of CCF to the world! This is something that we ought to rejoice in!!