Random but Loaded Update; 10 blogs in 1

I have not blogged in almost a week, so here is a random (but loaded) update.

  1. My computer is in the shop since last Tuesday and will be for another day or two. It has been REALLY hard to work without it. I am 10x less efficient. I will be thrilled to get it back.
  2. I had a great birthday yesterday. Felt blessed by the love I received from Facebook, Tricia, Davis, my family, the Staff and my Small Group.
  3. I am really excited about staring my Colossians series this Sunday. This book is loaded with treasures. Still unsure how to condense this into 4 weeks. God...help me as you always do!
  4. This Sunday I am rolling out an aggressive and exciting summer outreach surge. Bring your calendars and your willing hearts to church. It is on like Donkey Kong! The next 60 days at CCF will be full of life.
  5. I cannot believe how hot and humid it has been! Really?!?!
  6. Frankly, I feel pretty stressed right now. Lots of pressure in lots of directions. Honestly, leading a church while preparing for a missions sending is not easy to do at the same time. The amount of EMM prep work is heavy. But it will all be worth it.
  7. Speaking of EMM-- Tricia, Davis and I will be at the Black Rock Retreat Center all of next week for Oasis...an event for missionary families. Looking forward to meeting and building relationships with other families serving God around the world.
  8. I wish I could get the iPhone 4, but I do not think I am eligible for an upgrade. However, two AT&T executives just HAPPENED to be in our service Sunday. They are seeing what that can do. ;-)
  9. I am thankful to have finalized our family's itinerary for our overseas trip in September. Lots of hours will be spent in the air, but an immense amount of learning, shaping and preparing will also happen.
  10. I have an Executive Board meeting tonight. Please keep praying for both our EB and our Pastoral Search Team during this time of important change and decision making.

I will be back on the blogging wagon once I get my MacBook back. Love you!