Hey, here is a few random updates/thoughts:

  • Davis is not feeling well. Fever of 102.7 last night. Pray for the little guy. He is not himself and I have him today.
  • Really looking forward to the message Sunday and how it might "shape" us. Cool point that came up in our Small Groups last night...Lopsided pottery is often still usable for its intended purpose....lots of lopsided pottery running around out there.
  • We will be getting a new Bishop/Overseer in our District this summer. His name is Glenn Kauffman. The Kauffman family has decided that they will move into the Laurel area and make CCF their home church. They are wonderful people coming off of 15 years of missions work in Hong Kong. I look forward to how they may lead CCF into missions involvement in China. (Look forward to going back to china within the next year!!! Shhhhh....don't tell anyone yet!)
  • Pray for our missions work in Guyana. Lots going on. Some things unfolded just yesterday. Please pray for peace and direction and for wisdom as we lead. We will share details as we can.

Gonna jet and run some errands with Mr. Davis.

--Peace be with you!