Right on Time

Struggling a little these days. Lots going on right now that is not "bloggable"(yet). My heart is heavy and I ask your prayers. Sometimes we can lift people to the Lord without information. I ask you to pray for me....that I will walk under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and do what God wants me to do as a Shepherd.

I will tell you this....our God is always on time!! I received one phone call and one email today that were just what I needed! I am telling you, the caller ID and the "from" line of the email should have read "heaven". I just knew it was the voice of God speaking to me. He is always on time.

I love each of you. Thanks for reading this and thanks for your support. I may not blog a lot in the days to come. Sometimes sharing too much can create more harm than good. This may be a time where I need to chill a bit. Everything will be fine. Sounding no alarms, just being transparent. After all, it is my blog, right?