Sabbatical Postponed

Some of you knew that Tricia and I were supposed to be on Sabbatical this summer from June 9-August 9. This is a gracious gift that the church gives me every 4 years of ministry and is intended for spiritual renewal. Well, what some of you may not know is that God moved on my heart that this is NOT the time to go. For many reasons, I sensed strongly that my sabbatical needed to be postponed a year. After talking with Tricia, some mentors and friends, I took it to the Board and they affirmed it the same. Hence, my sabbatical will be summer 2009, Lord willing.

Just thought I would let my blog readers know....because I mentioned my sabbatical in my blog before and recently a few people have reminded me that I will be leaving on Sabbatical soon....and I will not be.

Love you all!