Seeing God Today

There were 2 particular moments that I really felt like I saw God today:

  1. The first was sitting with Lisa Savoy at a Nursing Hospice Center in DC. As she sat in her wheelchair barely able to move her arms enough to get a cup to her mouth, she shared this with me....I will paraphrase...."Nothing, absolutely nothing will ever cause me to doubt our God, the one true God. Only a real and powerful God could have made the human body in all of its greatness. What a network it is as he intended it to all work together. Losing my bodily movement has proven how amazing the body is and has solidified my faith in Almighty God!" Are you kidding me?!?! I want to weep just typing this!
  2. The second was at Small Group tonight. I saw and felt the presence of the Lord as 9 people sat around a table tonight pastoring and caring for one another. Listening to each other. Challenging each other. Proclaiming faith and hope to each other. It was genuine and real. And I just sat there and watched and listened and thanked God. There were caring for each other and for me! How cool is that?!?! Day by day, I am more convinced that life change happens in circles, not rows! (We had Small Group at a new couple's house....on their deck backing to the woods. It was a great night.)