Setting the Stage

On my heart my message for this Sunday. The way that I feel the Lord leading is for me to set the stage for our vision series that I plan to preach the first several weeks of January. The title of the January series will be "Simplify" and it will flow out of a lot of my previous blogs (see below) and much of our processing over the last year. This Sunday (the last Sunday of 2007), I want to set the stage for that series.

Here is what I am bouncing around in my mind and heart...

7 is a number of completion. Look at the creation account. 8 is a number of new beginnings. I wonder what God may have finished in you and in our church in 2007? I wonder what new thing that God wants to do in your life or in this church in 2008? I can see the trail of newness being forged already in many ways here at CCF. I sense that it is time to head back toward the basics and to focus our VERY LIMITED energy and resource on the things that matter GOD! I welcome your comments in preparation for Sunday. Just click on "comments" below.