Sold My Car Tonight. A Tribute to Satin.

Kinda sad tonight. I sold my baby at 8:00 this evening to a friend I've known since High School (who is also a contributor to us in missions). So glad about how this worked out. Those that know me well, know that taking care of my car is somewhat of a hobby for me. Always has been. Love to drive it, clean it, keep it running good, etc. And I really, really loved my 2000 Toyota Avalon (I even named her "Satin" for her smooth, soft ride). Here are a few fun facts about Satin as a goodbye tribute:

  • We bought her 30 days after we got married. She replace Miles, my first love.
  • Took it to 25 US states (many of them many times each...she really liked FL and GA)!
  • She helped me get about _____ speeding tickets. ;-)
  • Bought her in 2002 with 40,000 miles on it.
  • Sold it tonight in 2011 with 192,000 miles on it!
I would love to own another Avalon someday! This car was so good to us. Selling it tonight felt a lot like putting a dog to sleep. LOL. was just a piece of metal. On to more important changed lives. It's worth it!
The day we bought the car in 2002:

Satin, about 6 years ago:

Us, tonight, the night we sold the car (blurry, sorry):

Satin, Christmas Day (several weeks ago):