Some Bullets before Bed

Just checking in with my faithful readers. Thought I would drop a few bullets on you before bed. Random stuff, but here we go:

  • I think that our new Executive Board is going to do a great job and serve the church well. We had a great first meeting with us all together tonight.
  • The Conference affirmed me for ordination yesterday and the Board did so tonight. Very honored and blessed and humbled. You will hear more about that later.
  • I am dealing with a list of pastoral care issues right now that's a mile long! It is a real wave. But, God is moving, He's faithful and He will sustain! I am praying for a word of peace from the Lord for us this Sunday.
  • My heart is so heavy for Lisa Savoy tonight. Pastor Nelson and I visited her today in ICU and we both knew that it may have been our last visit. So broken for her. (Read my earlier post about Lisa HERE.)
  • Still have a mother load of reading and writing to complete before Monday morning! I will make it. Probably should be doing noting but schoolwork, but....I'd rather blog. ;-)
  • Excited about this Sunday....Missions Sunday.....Pastor Nelson preaching......and CORN HOLE AFTER CHURCH!!
  • Then, March 1 and March 8 I will be doing a 2 week series on finances and what the Bible has to say about what is going on around us. You will not want to miss those messages. But, you may not like me when they are over. God is asking me to say some things that I am freaked out about. But, I will obey. There is no nice way to preach Haggai chapter 1. Oh boy!

Alright, enough rambling. Good night. I have another early morning tomorrow, so off to bed.