Some links I wanted to share with you...

(Just in case you did not know....if the text is a different color, it is a hyperlink to another site.)

I like Mark's post on the numbers game. Click here to read it.

I really like what I see at! If you have not seen this yet, you may want to. This site was launched Wednesday morning after the elections. It is going to be interesting to watch how a younger President leverages technology. Is it just me or has he done a LOT of stuff in 4 days?!?!

My friend Ben Rainey sent me this video link. It is a video filmed on October 27th by George Wood who is the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God. He intentionally filmed this video before the elections. Just like I intentionally prepared my message for tomorrow before the elections. He stole the idea from me. Smile. You can also view the transcript by clicking here. I think that this is some good stuff!! I may just use some of it tomorrow.

The November calendar is up on our website. You can view it here.