Something Clicked!!

I am doing what I love to do on Sunday afternoons...piled up in my recliner watching football. Today is a little different because I have the laptop on my lap trying keep tabs on scores around the NFL this last week of regular season play! I am parked here until late tonight. Good times!

While relaxing, I thought I would throw this quick blog up. This morning rocked (even though we were 100 under regular attendance...that used to bother me a lot more than it does now)! I feel super encouraged. Something clicked! If you know me well, then you know how nervous I get before I preach. It usually lasts from Saturday evening until the end of second service. I am always nervous to public speak and even more nervous to speak to people on God's behalf. I carry my fear in my belly all Sunday morning. I hope that never changes, because it is a physical reminder of who is REALLY speaking, anyway. Well, this morning I wanted so badly to just share my heart about 2007 and where I feel God wants to take us as a church in 2008. I just wanted to start the sharing. But, I wanted people to link start to catch the feel of it. I really feel like that happened today. I had a LOT of very positive feedback after the service. It seemed like people were connecting and engaging. Today was simply a start to a long journey of discovering and building around our purpose. Many people have not even began packing their bags yet for the journey. There is still plenty of room and plenty of time for you!! We are just getting started. But, it was a good start. Something clicked. On a personal note, I felt more comfortable and confident sharing my heart and vision this morning that I have ever felt since arriving at CCF. Maybe it was the fact that I had everyone move to the front half of the room...or maybe it was the stool I sat on. Smile. Are you coming along? Very special days are ahead for us!