Something is Happening!

I am thankful this afternoon for what the Lord did in our midst this morning. First of all, If I would have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit any stronger during the last song of our Worship Set, you would have had to pick me up off the floor or else watched me run around the room! I felt it deep within me. Sometimes our worship evokes a physical response. Man, did I feel that today! Those words from the song "Sing to the King" are still in my head this afternoon.

For His returning we watch and we pray
We will be ready the dawn of that day
We'll join in singing with all the redeemed
'Cause Satan is vanquished and Jesus is King!!!

Thank God for the hope of eternity!!

I also want to thank the Lord for His presence during our message time. Sometimes I feel like I am just rambling and not sure that I am connecting or making sense. There is lots that I DON'T know. Welcome to leadership. But there are a few things that I do know. I do know that people are engaging these last few weeks!! There is eye contact and non verbal communication during this message series and especially this morning that is showing me that people are engaged with what is being shared. I am incredibly thankful for that. As a leader and a Pastor, I want so badly to cast vision that ends up settling deep into the hearts of people. 'Cause Vision is just a dream if people don't help live it into reality! I have to remind myself that I plant or water....God brings the increase! I will keep casting, planting and watering...God will move the hearts. He is so good at it after all!

I could type a long time heart is full of joy for what God is doing in HIS church! But, I'll stop, because they say people don't like to read long blog entries (one of the things in my Dummies book). I will end with this and keep typing somewhere else, smile.

One last thing...

Mark my word: Something is happening at Capital Christian Fellowship right now! Something special. Something new. Something deeply spiritual. It won't all be a walk in the park, it will take patience and we may lose a few folks, but it will shape the future of this great fellowship in a way that we will never regret! I believe that one day we will look up and see a church packed with disciples who are loving God, loving people and making disciples! Write that in your book.