Summary of North Point Experience

I can summarize my experience at Drive and North Point in 4 statements. These 4 principles were a recurring theme in every session and breakout. They are the essence of this church's success. This is their vision. I DID NOT NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE ARRIVING IN ATLANTA! I want to make sure that is clear before I share them with you. Once you read them, I trust you will see very close connection between what you read and what God is doing at CCF. It was the Lord that directed us to this conference! Lots of confirmation in the Spirit! So, here goes:

    1. First Impressions are lasting. The most likely entry point for people into your church for believers and the unchurched is through your Sunday morning Worship Services (Large Groups). So, create irresistible and excellent environments for adults and young people to experience Christ and be sure that the experience CLEARLY invites them to take their next step!
    2. Real life Change happens in circles not rows! People must be connected to a Small Group in order to be most connected to God and Others.
    3. Serve the Vision. Every person should want to serve in a place of ministry in the church....that promotes one of the 2 above (large group or small groups).
    4. Do less for more! Concentrating on doing a few strategic things with excellence will produce greater results than doing many good things well (or with mediocrity).

There you have it...North Point in a Nutshell! And soon...CCF too!