OK, so this is my blog and I am going to be real on it! That was the deal from the day I started this thing. Sometimes, I need to write out some frustration. Sunday was a tough day! Period. I got resistance and negativity and complaining thrown at me from several different directions before and between services. It was all that I could do to get up and was God who did it. This is one of those times when I could truly say...BUT GOD! Without Him, I could not have done it!

Now, here is the cool part. God was so good that for every force of opposition that came on Sunday, there was one life change that happened (at least that I am aware of--I am sure there were more). I had 4 very difficult emotional exchanges on Sunday and then had the chance to pray with 4 people and see God doing something spectacular in them! I even got a letter from one lady whose life was uniquely touched.

So, here is my prayer: God, please help me to focus more of my energy on the 4 lives that were touched for you on Sunday, than the 4 people who are mad about changes in the church that they don't like. I know what the enemy wants. Help me to do what you want!