Teething is so fun!

Davis is such a great kid with a super warm personality. We have enjoyed him so much this year. Recently, when I was at the Doctors with him, a mother of three in the waiting room told me that teething was a challenging time for her kids. Of course, I have heard that before. But she said something else that I had not heard stated quite this way. She said that their whole temperament changes...they are almost like a different child. Well, I took note of that statement and thought "I will have to see that to believe it." Well, I decided tonight that I believe it. Davis is a late teether (the first one still has not broken through), but he is certainly teething and he is definitely whining pretty much from 5:30-Bed every night. Thankfully bedtime is about 7:30. It is taking some patience for Tricia and I to sustain the continuous whining and crying all evening.

Am I complaining? Nope! This time last year, all we wanted was to meet this little sonogram...now he is here and is lighting our life up! What a precious addition to our home.