The Christian Atheist

Yesterday I finished reading "The Christian Atheist" by Craig Groeschel.

Great book. As with any book, there were things that were more helpful than others. The book is geared in the direction of those that are farther from God. It's basic. It's great for those who distant from God and His church (which is all of us at times).
Premise: Christian Atheists are folks that say they believe in God, but live like he does not exist. This excerpt captures the heart of the book really well!
Several years ago I increasingly recognized inconsistencies between what I claimed to believe and the way I actually lived. I preached that people without Christ go to hell, but my life showed I wasn't equally passionate to reach those people. Though I believed God wanted my life to be different I found comparing myself to others easier than measuring my life against Christ's. I preached that prayer is critical. But my prayer life was virtually nonexistent. God's word said my treasure shouldn't be in this world, yet material things continue to grab my attention. Jesus said, "don't worry about tomorrow." But worry came as naturally to me as breathing. If I truly belonged to Christ, I should surrender my whole life to him. I just gave him parts instead, and took them back whenever he didn't to what I wanted. I called myself a Christian, but I lived like an atheist.