The Eyes of my Changing Heart

Over the last few months, and especially the last few weeks, the eyes of my heart have been widely and abruptly opened to a lot of stuff. To what? Everything! Or at least that is how it feels. If I error as a leader, I error toward sharing too much of what I am feeling and experiencing. I am not too good at secrets (when they are mine). God is doing some very personal and transformational stuff inside my heart these days and I am sure that it will leak out and become evident to some of you. It's stuff that I really couldn't put into words even if I wanted to. But, I thought that I would just share a little window into it. A few (very few) of the things I am experiencing...

  • An increased sense of intimacy with God.
  • Multiple back to back divine appointments and encounters since the first of this year.
  • I can't sleep like I used to be able to. Waking up to be with Jesus at whack hours and not feeling tired during the day.
  • A increasing concern with the ways that we are NOT being the actual Body of Jesus as he intended it!
  • A growing concern that we are NOT being the church the way that the Bible teaches it or the way Jesus intended it.
  • A heavier burden for people who have not met Jesus yet. A sharply rising desire to care for the poor and broken and lost (which I am not doing).
  • An increasing concern over our lack of vision and impact at CCF (compared to our grand potential and resource).
  • Development of Kingdom Eyes that are forcing me to see things differently than I used to. Not some things, but most things. Read more about this HERE!
  • A sense that things cannot remain the same. Broken for more. Called to more. Rejecting complacency that was imminently setting it.
Something is happening. Not sure what. Not sure how. Not sure when. I just know that the eyes of my heart are opening in ways that are forcing me to never be the same again! And so I won't.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” I Corinthians 2:9