The ups and the downs

I really hesitate as to whether to write this or not. I take some risk in doing it, but it is worth taking a risk for gaining your prayer support. I am human and this my blog...a place to share my heart. The top of your screen says "on my heart today", right? Well, let me tell you what is on my heart.

I feel discouraged today. I cannot go into detail, but lots of things are going on at the church, much of which is confidential (in addition we have an important Executive Board Meeting tomorrow night, a Business Meeting next Sunday and a LOT to do to be ready for them). There are those times in ministry that you feel like everything is great and other times when it is not so easy or so fun. Some of the things you have to know and stuff you have to deal with can be pretty tough and draining. I am guessing that I am not the only Pastor in the world that wishes they could evade a Sunday morning a couple times throughout their ministry. I will take the downs and thank God for the many ups.