Thoughts from Today

Today was a special day for several reasons:

  • God strongly impressed on my heart what I was to preach on this morning. Joshua was the inspiration. Felt like CCF needed some more preparation for inheriting the land that God has promised us. Will share more in another post.
  • Worship this morning was thick. God has some great things in store for us as we keep pressing in. It has been too long since I have been unable to stand. I had to hit the floor this morning and it was not optional. I want so badly to pray in the spirit and worship like this more often. Lord, teach me to...teach us to. This morning was special.
  • Change is not easy. We know that. Been feeling the Lord challenging me to keep challenging us to move in our purpose with good attitudes regardless of change that may not suit us. I am seeing some struggles, but I am also seeing some victories. God is with us and will stay with us. We need to remain strong and God instructed His people in Joshua.
  • I have a definite sense that we are moving in GOD'S direction as a church. Man, does that feel like a good place to be. The road ahead will not be all easy....but after all, who promised it would be. Certainly not Jesus.