To comment or not to comment?

I have received emails and calls from numerous of you who read my blog indicating that you are not sure of the "rules of blogging" and whether you should leave public comments on this blog or not. By no means am I an expert on rules of blogging, but let me tell you my perspective:

Comment as much as you would like!! Myself and others enjoy seeing what you have to say. Big thanks to those of you who already do. If you have something negative or private to say or you are unsure as to whether other people or myself would appreciate what you are writing, then be on the safe side and email it to me. Up until now, almost everything that you have said or emailed has been comment-worthy and I have thought to myself..."I wish they would have put that up for others to see".

(I chose to write this encouragement today, because last night I received an outstanding email from a regular reader. She is on staff at a very large and reputable church in PA and she sent me an email explaining that her church is launching a vision, purpose and series of messages that is practically identical to ours! It was encouraging and inspiring! These are the types of things that are great for people to see.)

I appreciate your comments and your reading!