Today in one of our sessions, one of the table groups shared that we do not spend time together ENOUGH as the people of God. They made this statement that I thought was very true and insightful:

We do not see each other enough (as a people of God) outside of a context that has an agenda. Something powerful happens when we gather together with no agenda and allow the Holy Spirit to set the agenda.

Think about that. I thought that was good stuff. There is almost always an agenda. When is the last time that you gathered with people in the church just to be together? The early church may have done so regularly, even daily. No agenda, no purpose, no hurry. I am afraid that even in our families this is an issue. Are there times (often enough) that you are just WITH your family? No agenda, no activity, no purpose that caused you to join other than to be together. The Holy Spirit might just do some unique things if we experienced more non-agenda'd togetherness.

I miss Tricia and Davis. Can't wait to see them! Will be back late tonight.