Torn Between 2 Homecomings

Here's an interesting conflict I am having...I am torn between 2 homecomings...

This weekend is homecoming at my Alma Mater, VFCC. Old friends are all over the place up here today and it would be great to reconnect with them. I just ran into a group of old friends at a local restaurant on my lunch break. I have not been to a homecoming in several years.

On the other hand, today is also the day of my homecoming to Tricia and Davis.

Let me think...VFCC or Home...VFCC or Home...VFCC or Home...

--Off to Maryland!! (I am leaving here by 4:00)

Really, there was no conflict for me, but it would be cool if Tricia and Davis were here with me and we could be a part of homecoming together. This school represents a great time in our life and has a special place in our hearts.